ATG Access Barrier in a Box

ATG Access Barrier in a Box
ATG Access Barrier in a Box
ATG Access Barrier in a Box
ATG Access Barrier in a Box
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ATG Access Barrier in a Box – Manually operable, high security road cordon

BGI has partnered with ATG Access to manufacture the Barrier in a Box under license. The ATG Access's Barrier-in-a-Box Barrier, is a revolutionary barrier system that can be easily tranportated and deployed quickly to secure high security events.


Barrier in a Box Crash TestProduct Overview:

  • Rapidly deployable over existing bollards.
  • Provides temporary high security for high profile events.
  • Allows road closures to be postponed until actually needed.

Brief Overview:

The aptly named, "Barrier-in-a-Box" can be transported in a small container, in a light vehicle and can be deployed quickly and effectively providing high-class security, temporarily. This not only minimises logistical costs but it is also more practical when cordoning off areas within a busy city centre during high profile events.

The revolutionary barrier system can be deployed in just over seven minutes. The mechanism can be positioned without being implemented until the crucial moment it is needed. This not only minimises traffic disruption and lengthy road closures but also allows the barriers to be removed quickly permitting entrances to be permeable by vehicles in a medical, fire or police emergency.

Cutting edge technology means that this new product has successfully arrested a 7,500kg truck travelling at 30mph. The product has been tested when mounted over two ATG Access Westminster bollards but can also be utilised in conjunction with cylindrical, high-security bollards which is a successfully tested engineered solution.

Applications this product can protect:
Any site requiring high-security for a temporary period of time, remote sites and road closures.

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