ATG Access LW3 Road Blocker

ATG Access LW3 Road Blocker
ATG Access LW3 Road Blocker
ATG Access LW3 Road Blocker
ATG Access LW3 Road Blocker
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ATG Access LW3 Road Blocker - Hydraulic or manually operable

BGI has partnered with ATG Access to manufacture the LW3 Road Blocker under license. ATG Access LW3 Road Blocker is Lightweight, reusable and rapidly deployable road blocker, ideal for securing temporary events.


Product Overview:

  • Lightweight blocker able to be installed on a surface with minimal surface damage.
  • Reusable blocker, rapidly deployed and ideal for securing temporary events.
  • Very easy to ship and transport anywhere in the world.

Brief Overview:

The AVS Elli LW3 road blocker is a strong and versatile security barrier. This blocker can be deployed and operated quickly and effectively temporarily or as permanent security.
The LW3 is a small, narrow barrier which enables the product to be an effective, unobtrusive barrier for walkways, small roadways and access doors or gates.
Ideal for serving as a traffic calming measure when not deployed and altering approach routes to effectively manage access control points.

This revolutionary security product has a 950mm wide blade and when fully deployed stands up to 804 mm high.

Typically installed on a permanent basis, this product can also be installed on a suspended slab with as little as 210mm depth required or bolted to the surface. This blocker has also been impact tested in accordance with the PAS 68 certification. Optional extras include ramps to soften vehicle approach, fast deployment and battery backup.

Applications this product can protect:
Due to this products versatile installation, it suits a wide variety of applications requiring high security control for access points or to manage traffic flow.

Type Footprint Height Above Ground Foundation Depth Lifting Weight Finishes Available Download Spec
Automatic 950 mm 804 mm when fully deployed Surface mounted or  with in a suspended slab with a depth of just 210 mm required. - RAL coated steel pdf
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