ATG Access Defender Bollards

ATG Access Defender Bollards
ATG Access Defender Bollards
K4 Certified Defender Bollards
K4 Certified Defender Bollards
Defender Bollards - Entrance Security
Defender Bollards - Entrance Security
High Security Defender Bollards
High Security Defender Bollards
Defender Manually Retractable Bollards
Defender Manually Retractable Bollards
ATG Access Defender Bollards
ATG Access Defender Bollards
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ATG Access Defender Bollards - Automatic, Manually Retractable or Fixed


BGI has partnered with ATG Access to manufacture Defender Bollards under license. ATG Access Defender bollards are K4 certified bollards, stopping a 6.8 ton truck traveling at 48 km/hr. These bollards are suitable for locations where uncompromising security is required.


Automatic Defender BollardProduct Overview:

  • Cost effective, high security solution
  • Available in a manually retractable operation with a lift assist mechanism fitted as standard
  • Easy to install, service and maintain.

Brief Overview:

The Defender K4 impact tested bollard provides excellent pedestrian and vehicle permeability and is available in a variety of operating sets and arrays. Utilising the highest duty cycles available, the Defender is an economical and effective way of protecting your vehicle access points.

K4 impact test certified after successfully arresting a 6.8 ton (6,800kg) vehicle traveling at 48km/h (30mph). Construction allows for a decorative paver covering the concrete foundation. Available with automatic, fixed or manually retractable operation, this range offers low operating and maintenance costs and is ideal for securing wide entrances where installing larger systems could become price prohibitive. The manually retractable model is operated via a hand-held battery drill.

All steel parts are standard hot dipped galvanized for corrosion protection. High visibility yellow paint is standard but other product finishes are available.


The Defender bollards use electro-hydraulic mechanism for automatic operation. This choice of solution depends on the operating environment and requirements of the application.

With a patent-pending mechanism for releasing the internal piston, the bollards can be maintained without disassembly and if necessary, the entire unit can be removed without the need for digging out the foundations.

Special consideration has been given to drainage in the design to ensure that extreme conditions of ice, dust or water do not affect the operation of the bollard.

  • Electro-Hydraulic

For independent, self-contained operation, it is sometimes desirable to use electro-hydraulic units installed in each of the bollards.  In this case, the bollards require an electrical feed only and the entire operation of the piston and hydraulic mechanism are encased in a closed unit.

Type Mechanism Finishes Available Height Diameter Max Speed Download Spec
Automatic  Hydraulic Galvanised, RAL coated or sleeved 760 mm 275 mm / 280 mm 3-5 secs. pdf
Manually Retractable  - Yellow finish offered as standard or painted/sleeved 760 mm 275 mm / 280 mm  - pdf

The automatic bollards are powered by an electro-hydraulic mechanism.

Electrical requirement:

110 - 240 VAC (compressor and electro-hydraulic)

A range of advanced safety features are available to ensure peace of mind and avoid unintended operation:

  • Inductive loop vehicle detectors installed in the road.
  • Photo-electric cells to further ensure that the bollards are not in motion while something is passing.
  • LED lights on the bollards and traffic lights by the road to indicate when it is safe/unsafe to pass or when the bollards are in motion.
  • Sirens to indicate that the bollards are in motion.
  • Speed bumps to slow down approaching traffic.
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